In Transit – Day 1

I had always dreamed about what it would be like to travel to Hawaii. What did the tropical breeze actually feel like? Did the Pacific Ocean actually feel warm? And did the waves actually create those iconic barrels that I had seen in pictures?

This was the vacation I needed as a reset after years of hard work and recovery from a major chronic illness. I had finished school finally and I thought let me do a trip like this now in case I can’t do it later.

It was worth it! This was my first time flying over an ocean. It was also my first time leaving the mainland continent of North America. The most tropical place to date that I have visited. Expensive, tropical and all around beautiful.

In Transit

I headed to the beautiful island of Oahu on a somewhat last minute unplanned trip from Calgary, Alberta. I had a stop over at the Vancouver airport and then I boarded the plane to the most incredible island. Oahu!

Waikiki Airbnb

I booked an Airbnb during my time on the island of Oahu. It was located right beside the Ala Wai Canal and had stunning day time and evening views. And the best part is that it was clean, very affordable and bug free. It was in the perfect location to explore the beach, close to restaurants and made it very easy to hop on the highway in my rental car to explore the island.

Nu‘uanu Pali Lookout + Military Beach

I arrived later in the afternoon and had just enough time to quickly drive up to Nu‘uanu Pali Lookout. The one thing about the island is how different the weather can be on the coast and up in the mountains. It was cloudy and the rain was intense but I got out quickly and took a few pictures to remember Day 1. I spent the evening meeting up with an old friend who’s husband works in the military. She took me to a yummy dinner spot and then a stroll around the private beach as a guest. Great first Oahu day.

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