Kualoa Regional Park – Day 3

Next stop along the Kamehameha Highway was another beach with an even better view of Mokoli’i. This was the first day that I finally got my first taste of real Hawaii sunshine and warmth. The sun felt amazing on my skin.

Kualoa Regional Park

I arrived at the beach, parked the car and threw my camera gear into my bag. I was on a mission today to see as much as possible. I took a short walk along the beach and the mountains on the opposite side of the highway where an incredible sight to behold. My jaw was on the ground as I turned 360 degrees to soak in the views. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a place so lush and green. The water was sparkling in front of my view of
Mokoli’i. I sat down, took some pictures and then just took a break on the warm sand letting go of all tension and enjoying the moment. I do regret not staying here longer. I guess it gives me a good reason to return.

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