#2 Coliseum Mountain (Attempt)

Name: Coliseum Mountain
Date: January 13, 2019
Location: David Thompson Country (near Nordegg)
Distance: 12.2 km (I hiked ~10 km Out and Back)
Elevation Gain: 808 m (I reached ~650m)
Season: Winter
Camera: Samsung A8 cellphone

On January 13, 2019, I attempted to hike Coliseum Mountain. I knew some people were hiking it from the Singles Hiking Alberta FB group. As always I knew I would be late (even though I try to be on time from Red Deer. Oh well). It’s so hard to wake up early in the winter. In the summer though I’m all for a 3 am roll call at trail head.

The Hike:

I started this hike solo and I was unsure of how far I would make it on my own. The trail was well packed for the most part. I eventually crossed what I call the “sketchy part” to get to the start of the ridge. A slip here wouldn’t be fun. Survivable with maybe a broken bone. The snow was getting a bit soft from the sunlight and the slope crossing this part was interesting. I went slow and got across to the ridge. Once on the ridge, I hiked until I was maybe 45 minutes to 1 hour from summit. On a normal warm day I’m sure it would’ve taken me 25 to 30 minutes to get to summit but the snow on the ridge varied from barely there to maybe knee deep. It was really slowing me down.

After turning back on the ridge I passed a few people who were still heading up to the summit to watch the sunset.

I’ll be back to do this hike in warmer weather for sure. This will be a good shoulder season hike. I need to summit this one. I was blown away by the views of the Rocky Mountains in this area. Such a beauty.

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