Grinnell Glacier Trail

Name: Grinnell Glacier Trail (Attempt)
Date: July 13, 2019
Location: Many Glacier Section, Glacier National Park
Country: Montana, United States
Distance: ~14 km (Out and Back)
Elevation Gain: ~630 m
Season: Summer
Boat: Did not take the boat. I would highly recommend taking the boat
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8
Tripod: Manfrotto Tripod

| Many Glacier – Glacier National Park |

The drive to Babb, MT was very short and only took me about an hour and half from the Lethbridge area. The road (Route 3) heading towards Many Glacier is really as bad as they say. I dodged the pot holes weaving my way along slowly and let faster SUV’s and pickup trucks pass me. The are a lot of spots to pull over and take pictures along Lake Sherburne. The views were stunning.

I parked near the Many Glacier Hotel/Lodge and the views of the prominent Mount Wilbur and the surrounding Lewis Range were breathtaking.

| Lake Sherburne along Route 3 into the Many Glacier area |

| Approach Trails |

I began by hiking the Swiftcurrent Lake Trail from Many Glacier Hotel/Lodge. I then took the Josephine Walk and passed by the boat dock to the North Shore Josephine Lake Trail. From here I connected with the Grinnell Glacier trail. I would recommend cutting this part of the trail out by taking the two boats.

| Grinnell Glacier Trail |

The trail gradually gained elevation and then became slightly steeper with rocky outcrops to hike up. There was some minor exposure on the way to the lookout but overall an easy trail for seasoned hikers. The views over Josephine Lake and Grinnell Lake were incredible. Bear grass and wildflowers lined the trail. Thankfully I did not encounter the grizzly bear that has been in the area. I solo hiked my way along the busy trail. There were gaps between groups so I could stop and take some pictures.

| Snow closure and a Thunderstorm |

A thunderstorm rolled in so I decided to turn around and head back down (as did a few other groups). There was also a snow closure on route to the the glacier that I didn’t pass. I would have loved to go up to Angel Wing but that will have to wait for another time. I did get caught in the rain but my rain jacket kept me dry.

| Many Glacier Hotel and Lodge |

If you can only do one hike in the Many Glacier area I would say do this one first. For my next visit I’ll try to do Cracker Lake and Iceberg Lake.

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