Berg Lake Trail | Day 1 ||Part 1||

Name: Berg Lake Trail
Date: July 28, 2019 |Day 1|
Route: Trailhead to Emperor Falls Campsite
Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Country: British Columbia, Canada
Total Daily Distance | Day 1: 16 km
Elevation Daily Elevation Gain: 762 m
Season: Summer
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8
Tripod: No (used rocks n stuff along trail)

| Robson Meadows Campground and Check In |

On July 27, 2019, I drove to Robson Meadows Campground from Red Deer. The 500 km (one way) drive took me a little under 6 hours to complete. I was thankful to get to the campground and take a nap before meeting everyone the next morning. We did a pre-hike shake down at the campground and then headed over to the Mount Robson Visitor Center to check in. We watched the mandatory old school video and got our tags for the tent and a paper copy to carry on a person.

| Trailhead to Kinney Lake Campground | [7 km] [131 m elevation gain]

The trail leading up to Kinney Lake was tourist friendly, hard packed, somewhat rocky, muddy in spots but also wide. There were plenty of views of the light blue coloured Robson River along the trail, large cedar trees and lush vegetation. The trail had a gradual incline that temporarily leveled off at Kinney Lake and the Campsite.

We stopped at the Kinney Lake campsite for lunch. As this was my first backpacking trip I was starting the feel the weight in my pack but I chose to ignore it because a big climb (but not ‘the’ big climb) was coming up after the flats.

2 thoughts on “Berg Lake Trail | Day 1 ||Part 1||

  1. Wow! Looks like a really cool adventure πŸ™‚ every time I pass by Mount Robson, it’s always been shrouded in clouds πŸ™‚ looks like a very cool hike πŸ™‚


  2. These pics are gorgeous! That tree you’re next to is beautiful! And you’re using backpacking lingo like second nature.
    I would just want to stay in the beautiful spots and soak it in for hours. This is why I can’t backpack…hehe

    I’m loving the blog.


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