Berg Lake Trail | Day 1 ||Part 2||

Name: Berg Lake Trail
Date: July 28, 2019 |Day 1|
Route: Trailhead to Emperor Falls Campground
Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Country: British Columbia, Canada
Total Distance | Day 1: ~16 km
Elevation Elevation Gain: ~762 m
Season: Summer
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8

| Kinney Lake Campground to Whitehorn Campground | [4 km] [113 m elevation gain]

The Kinney Lake Campground was a nice spot to rest and eat lunch on the way to Emperor Falls campground. The open air shelter was similar to the one at Whitehorn campground with great views of the lake and a rocky beach area.

The hike around Kinney Lake towards to the Robson River Flats was in the forest had numerous little hills to go up and down. There were a few bridges to cross before reaching the Flats and the sweeping valley views. The trail was well packed and more comfortable on the feet than the hard packed Kinney Lake trail section.

After crossing a series of bridges over the Robson River we entered the Robson River flats. The views of the valley and Kinney Lake were breathtaking. I remember looking ahead and seeing a trail leading towards a big climb. I was not expecting this (I think a lot of people are surprised by this elevation gain.) The climb up this hill was good training to prepare for the next big hill beyond Whitehorn campground. The picture below was taken near the top of the hill. The trail across the flats is clearly visible heading into the trees.

Please head over to Day 1 ||Part 3|| to read about Whitehorn Campground to Emperor Falls Campground

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