Berg Lake Trail | Day 1 ||Part 3||

Name: Berg Lake Trail
Date: July 28, 2019 |Day 1|
Route: Trailhead to Emperor Falls Camground
Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Country: British Columbia, Canada
Total Distance | Day 1: ~16 km
Elevation Elevation Gain: ~762 m
Season: Summer
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8

| Whitehorn Campground

After taking in the last view of the Kinney Lake Flats and climbing the 113 meter of elevation gain up the “hill”, the trail was very easy to hike through the trees towards Whitehorn campground. I was getting used to my heavy pack and ignoring my unhappy feet. I was still ahead of the girls but they are strong hikers and I knew they would catch up to me very soon.

Eventually I reached the beautiful blue suspension bridge that crosses over the Robson River. The Whitehorn Ranger station was nestled in the trees across the river from the Whitehorn campground.

Valley of a Thousand Falls

The hike from Whitehorn Campground to Emperor Falls was spectacular. When I first read about the Valley of a Thousand Falls I really didn’t know what to expect. But this section of the hike definitely lives up to it’s namesake. There were numerous waterfalls cascading into the valley over the surrounding mountains. This is something I will never forget.

When I initially took this picture I missed something in plain view. The face in the center of the image above. How cool is that. A sleeping “person” in plain view.

I stopped to rest for a short moment before continuing on to Emperor Falls. The girls had caught up and we hiked onward towards the big climb. The elevation gain with the packs on was no joke. This really tested me.

Please head over to Day 1 ||Part 4|| to read about Whitehorn Campground to Emperor Falls Campground

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