Berg Lake Trail | Day 1 || Part 4 ||

Name: Berg Lake Trail
Date: July 28, 2019 |Day 1|
Route: Trailhead to Emperor Falls Campground
Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Country: British Columbia, Canada
Total Distance | Day 1: ~16 km
Elevation Elevation Gain: ~762 m
Season: Summer
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8

| Whitehorn Campground to Emperor Falls Campground | [5 km] [518 m elevation gain]

After leaving Whitehorn campground there was one last bridge to cross before the “big” climb out of the valley. There is a sign warning to fill up your water bottles because the next water source is not until you reach Emperor Falls (maybe not the best spot to try to grab water) or Emperor Falls campground.

The hike up to Emperor Falls with a heavy pack on ranged from okay and doable to tiresome and awful towards the end. I definitely zoned out for most of this section. It was easier to just look ahead and focus on my footing. I just wanted to make it to the campground to eat with everyone and set up the tent.

| White Falls |

The Valley of a Thousand Falls continued in all of its glory on the ascent out of Whitehorn. The first major waterfall and look out point was at White Falls. This was a nice spot to take a rest and enjoy the Robson River as it rushed down from Emperor Falls. There were also smaller waterfalls running down the valley walls. As we continued on we came across a few more points of interest which doubled as great spots to take a break. This was the most work I had ever put into a hike. As my first backpacking trip this one really pushed me hard. Once I could hear Emperor Falls it gave me a small burst of energy to keep pushing on.

| Emperor Falls |

Emperor Falls is the main reason I wanted to do Berg Lake Trail. A few years ago I saw a picture of Emperor Falls on Instagram. I don’t remember who showed me the image but it stayed in my mind. When I did the research and looked up how to get here I concluded that it would be too much and too hard for me because of my Transverse Myelitis. How would my body and feet be able to handle an adventure like this?

The hike up from White Falls was challenging and steep. The other girls were all very strong hikers with backpacking experience. I was amazed seeing them hike up this section with heavier packs.

Two of the girls got a good head start and headed to the campground directly. I was able to stop off at Emperor Falls with one of the other girls. We dropped our packs at the intersection and took the side down to the falls. No words can ever describe how cool this place really was.

The summit of Mount Robson was covered with clouds but it was still a breathtaking site to behold. After taking some photos we headed up to Emperor Falls campground.

There was one very steep section by stairs that really finished me off. I knew that beyond this spot would be smooth(er) sailing. I got up this part and got over to camp.

After a full day of backpacking for the first time I was excited to eat dinner and take a nice sleep in the tent.

Please head over to Day 2 ||Part 1|| to read about Emperor Falls Campground to Berg Lake Campground

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