Berg Lake Trail | Day 2 || Part 1 ||

Name: Berg Lake Trail
Date: July 29, 2019 |Day 2|
Route: Emperor Falls Campground to Berg Lake Campground
Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Country: British Columbia, Canada
Total Distance | Day 2: ~5 km
Elevation Elevation Gain: ~30 m overall
Season: Summer
Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 with 18-55 mm and Samsung A8

| Emperor Falls Campground to Berg Lake Campground | [5 km] [30 m elevation gain]

Waking up to Mount Robson in full view on Day 2 was incredible. The weather was cooperating and the morning air was crispy and fresh. started out with a hike back down to Emperor Falls with one of the girls in the morning. I kinda wish I’d skipped the falls the previous day and headed straight up to camp. I always wake up early so it was cool that someone else was up too. I also

| Emperor Falls Campground |

The previous evening I didn’t worry about what the campground actually looked like. We needed to eat and get the tent set up before it was too dark. I didn’t realize how beautiful the views would be. Waking up I was finally able to see the summit of Mount Robson. The views from camp and the sound of the Robson River rushing by were incredible.

I was initially very worried about the layout of the tent pads but the MEC Volt 4 person tent was able to fit without any issues. I would highly recommend bringing a tent footprint for the Berg Lake Trail. I had brought a backup emergency shelter that doubled as a foot print. It was very handy in the end but not the best solution. The girls picked a great site to set up the tent. We had a full view of Mount Robson from the entrance of our little campsite.

| The Negatives |

Emperor Falls campground had a few negatives that should be considered. The grey water dumping area was right in front of the only benches in the “eating” area. There wasn’t enough room to prep food and eat without getting too close to the muddy dumping area. The grey water would then drain past another tent pad on its way to the Robson River. Maybe one day the benches can be relocated away from the dumping area.

Please head over to Day 2 ||Part 2|| to read about a morning trip back down to Emperor Falls

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