Mountain Biking

In 2014/2015 I started to become more interested in what I call “real” mountain biking. I bought my first hard tail from a bike shop in Calgary and rode it around Bragg Creek and Fish Creek Park. I gave that bike “Betsy” to a friend when I moved back to Ontario.

I bought my most recent bike from a guy I went on a couple of Bumble dates with in Toronto. Didn’t work out but the bike sure did.

I now ride a really old Cannondale Lefty Prophet. When people see the bike they call it a relic. It really is old. Her (the bike) name is “Penelope”. She’s great but she needs a new lefty fork (expensive expensive) and some TLC that might make her my B bike while I look for another bike. Full suspension has changed everything for me. I’ll never go hard tail again.

Also looking into getting a road bike.

I’ll have to check Pinkbike soon. šŸ™‚

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